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Living in Thousand Oaks for over 25 years, we planted oak trees to make a forest, we visited the rocks where the Chumash ground their flour. Each Fall acorns fall into swimming pools and are in parking lots smashed on the asphalt. And then you look at your cereal and your bread and realize how far it has travelled to feed you when you could be a “locavoire” and do what the Chumash who have lived tens of thousand of years did, eat acorns which grow in this area. As our journey for sourcing branched out, we found that acorns have been eaten for thousands of years in South Korea, China, Spain, and Greece. And, there are sources for high-quality, gluten free, kosher acorn sources in these countries. So, as we develop our local acorn source we are able to bring you Gluten Free Goodness today.